Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finished Mustard Carnaby Skirt

Please excuse the zombie face, sleeping has been difficult this week! This pattern from knitty was really fun. My biggest regret was making it in acrylic (so I can't do any blocking). Oh well, good to sacrifice the first one and learn. I really love it though. This was a great pattern, easy to follow even though you had to pay attention or risk frogging!

I will definitely be making this one again.


  1. Where are you in the pictures? I have to visit you again.

    I bought a groupon to learn to knit. I have to use it by the end of January so my lesson is coming soon.

  2. I'm actually just in the front yard! Looks all dreamy and overgrown, doesn't it? The neighbors love us. *wink*

    I would love for you to visit! In fact, we are having a little shindig this Saturday evening and I'd love for you to come! We'll put you up! I know it's short notice but, let me know!

    That's so neat you're learning to knit, we shall have to knit together! Don't forget to join Ravelry -you'll be awed by all the patterns and resources!