Wednesday, January 12, 2011

12 Cookbooks: Recipe #4 Moroccan Chickpeas & Zucchini


I'm super excited to share the results of recipe #4 from my 12 Cookbooks Project (as I'm now calling it). This delicious dish is destined to be a classic in my house. It smells delicious while cooking and is a perfect low-fuss meal. Again, the book for January is Appetite for Reduction: 125 Fast & Filling Low-Fat Vegan Recipes.  So far this book is really delivering on its promise of being "drop-dead delicious."

You'll need:
1 t. of olive oil
1 small yellow onion, sliced thinly
4 cloves of garlic, minced
1 T. minced ginger
1/2 t. red pepper flakes (i used a packet from pizza hut, heh)
2 bay leaves
1 t. ground cumin
1 t. ground coriander
a pinch of cinnamon
1/2 t. of salt
2 C. veggie broth
1 C. baby carrots
2 Zucchini, sliced into half-moons
1 24 oz. can of whole tomatoes
1 25 oz. can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed
mint is suggested, too but, I had none

Saute' your onions in the oil over med-high heat for 4 minutes. Add the garlic, ginger, and red pepper flakes and saute' for another minute. Add the remaining spices and salt, and saute' for 30 seconds.
Pour in the broth and throw in the carrots. Cover the pot and bring to a boil. Then lower it down to a simmer and cook for another ten minutes.
Add the zucchini and break up the tomatoes with your fingers. No, really that's what it says to do. I had a princess moment for a second and thought, "with my fingers?!" Then I enjoyed what must be a toddler like pleasure of smushing up those tomatoes! Include the tomato juice. Mix in the chickpeas.
Cover the pot and bring to a slow boil. Cook for 15 minutes. Adjust the lid so some steam can escape. Remove the bay leaves.

I served mine over rice. Delicious.

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  1. This looks absolutely wonderful! I'm so excited to have met you and can't wait to become better friends in the blogosphere!