Wednesday, February 2, 2011

OMG Onion Rings & Lentil Burger

This will be my last entry from Appetite for Reduction, but I'll be returning to this cookbook again and again. You are looking at the OMG Onion Rings and Chipotle-Lentil Burger. I was so hungry I didn't even bother to set up this photo properly. This summery meal cured my winter blues, at least for a little while! Even better, it was filling and no grease. This makes for a happy tummy.

If you'd like to try these delectable onion rings hop on over for the full recipe. Do it. The Post Punk Kitchen has a lot of other fab recipes up, too. Commenter J had a great suggestion for making them GF -replace almond meal and coconut flour for the breadcrumbs and flour. I mostly stuck to the letter on this recipe and I think the rings turned out really nice.

This was definitely Mr. Meat-and-Potatoes favorite meal from AfR, I had to claim some of the leftovers so he'd leave me some. Whodathunk he'd eat something with lentils in it? I'm calling it a success.


  1. Lentils make my mouth taste like scissors, but I'm gonna have make this anyway! YUM!

  2. Hey Blissdom friend!! Love your blog! You have already inspired at least three new fab ideas for me! We gotta get together. Didn't know you were doing the vegan thing!! Cool You are going to Bliss again next year right? Hugs girl!

  3. Sara -swap those lentils for black beans! Goodness me!

    Sandy- Hiya! That makes me happy! I've been vegetarian for many years but, I eat vegan as often as possible. I really want to go to Bliss next year! It's def on my To Do list! <3

  4. I can't decide what I like better...the yummy food or that fabulously vintage plate! So cute! I'm emailing you something I just thought of re: blog tags & food! xoxo