Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vintage Finds

It's been a fantastic week for thrifting. I had to share some of my great finds.
A Great Dane with a cracked ear! I love him, he reminds me of my Zero.

I'm in love with this gorgeous piece, and it even has storage space!

This picture doesn't do this beauty justice.

A lovely sakura tray

Adorable '70s Shroom fabric? Yes, please.
I have great plans for this.
and it was covering this beautiful glass design.
Happy Friday All!


  1. um I smell a thrifting trip in your neck of the woods! i am so jealous of your wonderful finds! that great dane is awesome and so is everything else you stumbled upon! enjoy your weekend! xoxo

  2. What awesome finds! Love them. And that fabulous turquoise wall.