Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vintage Finds: Paint by Numbers!

 As a kid, I loved art (still do!). My mom would buy me all kinds of art supplies from pastels and fancy oil paints to paint by numbers from the craft store. I loved how all the weird swirls with tiny numbers would become a neat little painting. It was almost always of a horse! I was pretty fond of horses (still am!). Now, every time I see a painting at the thrift store or an estate sale I snatch it up. I think the colors and subjects are delightful. I also like giving a home to something someone spent time on! So now I've got a little collection and these p-b-ns are my newest additions. I picked them up at that estate sale last weekend. We entered the house in the garage and I saw just a peek of color in a cardboard box. I dug through it and found several paint by numbers. Score! I love the colors in these! I'm not sure of their age but, they're very vibrant.
How sweet is this winter scene with the doe and the buck?

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