Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some FO's

I've got a couple of fo's to share. I have a few ongoing projects, too. I picked up my needles on my Americano vest again. And I'm still making thousands (an exaggeration, maybe) of granny squares for Zach's mario blanket.

Here's a quick project -Berroco's Wink -that I made while watching an episode of Glee. Talk about instant gratification. Although I think an hour is really all I could stand knitting with size 35 needles. They're like broomsticks. Really. The yarn was a total splurge but, I think the result is really cute and I love the earthy colors. Will I look like a crazy knitting lady if I wear this huge chunky scarf, though?

 The husband requested a slouchy hat but, not just any hat -a beard hat. Don't know what I'm talking about? I reminded him that I was slaving away on granny squares but, he pulled the cute puppy eye thing and I was powerless. So, he purchased a pattern from By Laura Design and it was another fast project. I haven't completed the beard yet so stay tuned.

The Fall season seems to increase my crafty productivity. Summertime makes me lazy! Whatever it is -I've got the crafty bug again. Is there a particular time of year that makes you feel crafty?

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