Monday, November 7, 2011

Pear-Cranberry-Ginger Jar Pies

 I know I'm a little late to the pie-in-a-jar party but, I'm definitely hooked now. It's just fun to say "pie in a jar" it even makes me want to add "What will they think of next?!"

I upped the cuteness factor with fall themed pie crust cutters. I love how easy these are to share and when I want a bite of pie I just pop one in the microwave. I got the recipe from the aptly named Cutie Pies:40 Sweet, Savory and Adorable Recipes. And with a name like that how could I not check it out? The recipes are from the brick and mortar pie shop, High 5 Pie. It probably doesn't look any thing like The Pie Hole but I can dream.
These were so fun and easy to make. The cranberries smelled amazing while they were cooking. I even saved some of the cranberry sugar syrup for a later experiment. (I found a recipe for pear infused vodka)

Have you ever tried pie in a jar? What's your favorite kind of pie? Or do you prefer another sweet treat?

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