Thursday, January 7, 2010

Roasted Vegetable Lasagne --mmm

another recipe from good old martha stewart Vegetarian, but not vegan. This is a labor intensive recipe -it calls for roasting butternut squash, making your own tomato sauce, and cooking your spinach. It is worth it though.
In the magazine, the recipe actually calls for more than what you need for the dish. The extras are meant to be used "for tomorrow's lunch" on a salad. Nice, but as filling as this lasagna is I've been eating it for a week.
This recipe is a little heavy on the calories, supposedly six servings with each at 561 calories. However at 30.4 g of protein this makes for a filling lunch and good for vegetarians looking for a protein source.

Mr. K agrees that this is tasty but, I think the cooked spinach is a little too green for his meat & potatoes loving tummy. That's ok. More for me.

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