Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just Visiting

After the snow melted a bit we packed up the car and headed to Nashville for a little visit.

Headed to Nashville

It's funny how when you live in a place you miss a lot of the little gems because of school, work, and well, life. A weekend trip let's me fill in all the gaps and remind me of why I do love Nashville

Just a few miles out from the city is Brentwood. It's definitely worth visiting. We had brunch at The Perch, a fantastic little crepes place. The staff was so cheerful and you felt right at home in the bright cafe with beam ceilings and woodsy chic decor.

Dad's turkey, arugula, and cranberry crepe.
I had a hankering for a Masala Chai and my dad tried the Orange Creamsicle Latte', both were delicious. The menus had so many different and interesting combinations I guess I should have been a bit more adventurous! But, one sip of that chai and I don't regret it, not one bit. I ordered the Green Apple and Brie crepe.
While we sipped our hot drinks we read the paper and relaxed. The Perch really has a laid back and friendly atmosphere. Our food came out very quickly and was served on scalloped paper plates. The presentation was pretty but, not pretentious.
As for the crepes, well it's best I don't live here or I'd stop by everyday as it appeared that many do. A lot of regulars came in for a cup of coffee or to chat.
Once our bellies were full of deliciousness we headed our to Bliss Yarns. Oh, joy. Oh, rapture.


  1. My yarn lady said Haus of Yarn in Nashville is amazing-- tons and tons of yarn.

  2. Knit Happy in Old Hickory is great, too. The owner is super sweet.