Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On to Bliss...yarns that is

This little treasure was tucked in a little shopping center across the street from The Perch. I just about skipped over there.

not the best shot, but I had to show you their cute felted sign

This isn't the largest yarn shop I've ever visited by a long shot but, it was cozy and had a lot to offer. Besides tons of yarns there was a whole wall of patterns and books to look through! I could spend hours looking. They had fantastic patterns, too, from the likes of Ysolda and Spud & Chloe.
They also had gorgeous notions like funky buttons and stitch markers made from local designers. They even carried yarn from Be Sweet -which describes itself as creative products with a conscience. Check them out.
Did I mention how awesome, helpful, and friendly the staff was?
Onto the goods- I bought (yet another) pattern book and some lovely cut glass vintage buttons but, what really left me with that sense of pure bliss was this drop spindle that I scored for an incredible $5.50. Thanks Bliss!


  1. Anything bought from a yarn shop while on vacation never counts as stash - it's considered "souvenir yarn". That's my story and I stick to it!

    Love the spindle! I need to play with mine more.

  2. That's bloody brilliant! I'll have to remember that. You are a smart lady.

    Yes, I'm so excited about the spindle -been looking at this one lonely spindle at my LYS (for $35, it included a dvd and fiber but, eek) for a few months. This one had my name on it. I can't wait to learn how to use it! And now I can use up some of my bunny's fur that's just been sitting in a bag.