Thursday, March 3, 2011

hello to spring & some lovely new vintage finds!

It's starting to look like spring in my backyard. Which means I can't spend any more time outside until spring has passed. Either that or turn into a walking snot machine. See you in a few months! Despite the prettiness it was a rough day for me. After we went to the post office to ship out some Etsy orders, dear husband took me to Goodwill to cheer me up. See photos of my finds after the jump!

I found these adorable Japanese dishes. And a beautiful scarf!
This one says "All my wishes." I might have made an audible happy noise when I saw that adorable yellow polka dotted tray underneath!  I just pinned a photo with a similar tray to my pinterest just the other day. I hope the pin -> to thriftstore find happens often!

I'm always needing more storage and I've been looking for something a little more interesting than plastic bins. This was only 3 bucks! Mr. K says,"ok, we can get this but, you have to agree to let me paint it." Well, can't argue with that can I? I love that man.

 I saved the absolute best for last! A real live Sabre 620 camera. My jaw dropped when I saw it! I've got a little camera collection, some inherited and others bought along the way. I have a soft spot for medium format plastic cameras. These Sabre cameras also came in a powder blue and a powerful red. I'm always looking for them. It really made my day.  Do you have an awesome vintage find? That one thing you're always looking for? Hope you're having a lovely day!

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  1. Oh you lucky girl!!! I went to the thrift store on Frid (what I call a good lunch hour) and found a cucu clock!!! I also bought a hanging table.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the polka dot tray. And the Janapense dishes. Lucky, lucky, girl.