Friday, March 25, 2011

a little bit of sewin'

 Everywhere I go I take a little notebook and pencil with me. I have dozens of these things. All filled with scribbles, sketches, and whatever random thing I deem worthy of remembering. I buy a lot of cutesie notebooks but I also adore the plain little moleskines. They get the job done and they have a pocket. I am a big fan of pockets. Everywhere. Pockets.

  I was inspired to make this little notebook with some of my vintage stash fabric by this DIY post over @ Honestly...WTF.
Now, they sewed their cute little fabric pieces all the way around for a nice neat look. But, I decided to leave the top edge open to serve as a guessed it! Pocket! Very handy for keeping a pen nearby. You don't *actually* have to own a sewing machine to create this project, it can be done by hand.

I also did a little sewing for the etsy shop. I'm pretty happy with this one, almost a little too happy, but it needs to find a new home! I made it with a scarf that was created for the Boston Museum of Modern Art. I think that's pretty neat.

Hope you have a lovely weekend! Any big projects planned?


  1. great scarf! I love that color : )

  2. You are so talented.

    My goal nowdays is to organize my small space. Little by little I'm getting rid of things I don't need and organizing things I do need.