Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscars wrap-up

recipe via delish.com

 This year's Oscars watching party was especially fun. We munched on homemade caramel corn (so simple to make) and other delicious snacks. We played Oscar Bingo, courtesy of How About Orange, and made our own predictions, ballots courtesy of Twig and Thistle.

 We loved Natalie Portman's earrings so I was super excited to see this tutorial posted over at CRAFT:. I didn't see very many of this past year's films so my predictions were way off.  I did enjoy a nice little party with my family and friends! And I have a lot of short films that I must see. What were your favorite films of the year?


  1. I'm STILL munching on homemade caramel corn. Yum...

  2. Yum! I have to try that caramel corn.

    I really liked Winter's Bone and I had hoped Jennifer Lawrence would win, even though she was in very good company. I saw many of the nominated films and thought they were really good but not life changing. (Inception, The Kings Speech, True Grit, Black Swan, The Kids Are All Right, The Social Network,Toy Story 3.) I didn't see the others, so maybe they would've changed my life, I don't know.

    How does one watch Short Films? Do they come out on Dvd?

    I heard Exit Through The Gift Shop was good but I haven't seen it.

  3. Traci, I felt the same way about the films I saw, good but nothing life changing.

    Short films can be seen at festivals. Academy nominees are almost always put out in a dvd collection. I've rented them or netflixed them. You can also download them from iTunes, God of Love (an Oscar winner) can be downloaded for only 2 bucks. I haven't watched it but, I saw the trailer and I'd really like to.

    I really enjoyed Exit Through the Gift Shop. I'm a huge street art fan so I maybe have liked it more than some. I think it's a great view into the world and a compelling story even if you don't follow street art.

    Sara, me too!