Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vintage Finds -Swanky Edition

I have a fun find to share with you. When I spied this orange velvet mid-century goodness I was thrilled. It just needs to be re-stringed and some paint touch ups. It was love at first sight! I love this sort of retro goodness but it usually invokes the husband to say, "Why do you like ugly things?" He just doesn't share my love for orange velvet. Sigh. This thrift trip also involved getting a cute TopShop skirt & a pencil skirt for free! How I love coupons.

 Upon further investigation I discovered this thing had hinges on the side...

 And, look! It's no ordinary wall hanging. It's a BAR!(Mr. K agrees that's pretty cool)
The panel with the hinge folds down so you can mix your cocktails. It's a light blue color.  The sticker above it says, "Sapporo '72" for the winter games. I wonder what kind of drinks they whipped up?

This piece definitely looks like it was made for our wood paneled den (I'm working on it, mostly I just pretend it doesn't exist). What do you think? Totally tacky or retro and fun?


  1. I think it's retro fun, Buy some fun glass bottles to put store colored alcohol in and wow your friends when they come over for a drink. I'm sure it can be used for other items as well.

    I admire your vision for "ugly" things, vision to turn change items from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. I hope some of that rubs off on me.

  2. Fabulously retro and fun! I love it! When can I drop by for cocktails?

  3. Hooray! Traci, that is a great idea.

    Ya'll are welcome over for cocktails anytime!