Saturday, April 16, 2011

Woo! Record Store Day is here.

April 16th is Record Store Day.

This was our first RSD, so I have to admit we had no idea what to expect. I actually just found out about it by word of blogger. I'm so glad I did! Many thanks to the blogger (who I don't remember) who mentioned it!

Thanks to RSD, I even discovered a new record store in my town. This place is heaven for the music and memorabilia aficionado. Not so much for the claustrophobic, however. The festivities brought in quite a crowd and the place that was already packed with music was a little cramped. No worries, just another way to make friends as you say 'excuse me' while stepping on your neighbor to get that special blue vinyl limited release.  Next year I'll be more prepared and check out the special RSD releases ahead of time.

We had a great time admiring the random memorabilia lying about (Darth Vader shampoo bottle or KISS mask anyone?). There was live music, cupcakes, and all sorts of RSD freebies. Mr. K and I entered a drawing for more free stuff and wouldn't you know it he won. He is so lucky. So, we also brought home a stack of free records.

My mom is really going to be excited about that Doobie Bros. album
 I have fond memories of visiting the Tower records store as a kid. I'd put on those giant headphones and discover my new favorite band. There's really something special about the small local stores though. RSD has collected some great quotes here of musicians reminiscing about indie record stores. 

Did you visit your local music store today? Or are you thinking, "Huh? They still make vinyl records?"

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  1. Wow! You won some really good records. Awesome!