Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Burger Brigade

Burger cupcakes! How cute are these? I made them as a belated birthday cake for Mr. K. (I know, shame on me). He also got a job at the University today so there was cause to celebrate!

I have to thank Smiley Sweets for the inspiration. Google "hamburger cupcakes" and you'll see all kinds of variations. I think these would be fun for a vegetarian barbecue/cook out or a spongebob themed birthday -krabby patties anyone?

I used Amy Sedaris' vanilla cupcake recipe, which can be found in her fabulous book: I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence and here, for the "buns." A basic buttercream recipe for the frostings and a chocolate cake mix for the "patties." I think Amy's recipe turned out fine, but I was hoping for a more "golden" finish. I snuck some mint extract in the "lettuce" for some extra flavor. I took a cue from Smiley Sweets and squirted just a bit of orange juice on top so the sesame seeds would stick. She also used coconut as the lettuce but, no one in this house likes coconut so I used frosting and food coloring instead.

I also used my brand spankin' new Whoopie Pie pan which made the cuppies come out perfectly for stacking. I love this pan. It was definitely a great splurge. I pretty much hyperventilate every time I enter a Williams-Sonoma. Besides the flurpillions of variations on Whoopie Pies and burger cupcakes I can see making muffies with this pan, too. No cupcake papers required.
Speaking of W-S, check out these star wars cookie cutters and pancake molds. Honestly, I'm not even that much of a star wars geek but, I am a sucker for this kind of thing.

And here's Mr. K enjoying his burger cupcake!


  1. Yea for Mr. K-- and you. Congrats on the new job. Are you working there too?

  2. No, I'm at Michael's (the craft store! It's dangerous.)