Thursday, July 1, 2010

Penny the Panda

Amigurumi goodness!

I needed a break from the boardwalk skirt I've been working on obsessively so, I found this pattern on the Lion Brand website. It was simple and quick. SC can seem to take forever occasionally but, it's suitable for television crocheting or CUI (crocheting under the influence *wink wink*).
My Penny was made while watching an incredibly long episode of Top Gear and the movie Jaws (which has to be watched during July, naturally). I followed the pattern exactly except for felting Penny. I also added a cute little flower yo-yo for extra sweetness.

my boardwalk skirt


  1. That skirt is gorgeous. Penny is cute. I bought a groupon to learn to knit. We'll see.

  2. Thanks, AJ! Ooo, I'm excited for you! I learned to knit first, but now I'm totally addicted to crochet.

    I believe the eyes came from Hobby Lobby. :)