Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Indie Style Market Wrap up/Update

Hello Blogland, I think I missed you. It has been a crazy few weeks. How are ya?

Last weekend my mom and I packed up the car and headed to Memphis for the Indie Style Market. We had a few things working against us but, I was determined to go.  I had been sick all week (still am) and because of all the flooding the interstate was closed. I should also mention that whenever I have a cold my laugh resembles that of Fran Drescher/The Nanny. This alone is usually reason to stay locked up in the house. But, as I said, I was determined so we took the back roads and expected the trip to be about 3 hours longer than usual.


 Driving through the water covered farmlands of northern Arkansas was surreal. It felt like we were driving through the middle of a lake.

We finally arrived at the Tennessee Flea Market and it is huge -it holds around 600 vendors.. The ISM portion only took up a small corner in the back. It was a bit hard to find through all the $2 knockoff sunglasses and dollar jewelry booths. The flea market was definitely more of the basement bargain flea than the antique variety. Long story short? We had very little traffic. However, despite the setbacks for this year's Indie Style Market I have high hopes for next year. We need a big craft show for the Mid-South so, I will continue to support ISM.

In my doped up and sickly state I didn't take many pictures but, here's a little taste of what I took for my booth.
Crochet purses

The Curator locket with a pressed flower

Lockets containing handmade solid perfume   

I met some other really wonderful people at the craft fair -more on those lovely people next time.

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