Sunday, June 5, 2011

main squeeze inspiration

Did you ever have a meal at a restaurant that you loved so much you tried to recreate it at home? This meal was inspired by my favorite restaurant in Columbia, Mo. - a fantastic vegetarian place called Main Squeeze.

This dish isn't going to win any beauty contests but, it's easy on the budget and quick to put together. If you make your rice ahead of time that'll speed up the process even more.

You'll need:
Cup of cooked brown rice
Your favorite salsa
Extra firm tofu or seitan
2 Tablespoons of Green Goddess dressing
Optional: Sprouts, Mozzarella Cheese
Fill your bowl with brown rice. Warm up your salsa a bit. Cook your tofu or seitan as desired. I like to cut medium thick strips and cook it on our foreman grill. This way I don't have to take extra time to drain it. It also gives it a nice chewy, crispy texture.

Top your rice with the salsa, dressing, tofu, and anything else you might like. Hope you enjoy it!

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