Sunday, June 19, 2011

What We Wore: Chicago Style

I think this may be my first "What I Wore" -type post. I don't particularly consider myself to be very fashionable. I couldn't care less about designer purses and I don't own a pair of gigantic sunglasess. I do love boho and vintage styles though. So, when I purchased my ticket to see the musical Chicago live on stage I knew I'd have to dress for it! My pal and make-up lady extrordinare, Sara (on the left), volunteered her talents and extensive makeup collection! I did our faux fingerwaves. As you can see we were jazzed to go. Heehee.

On me: Dress/Merona & Pearl Earrings from Target :::Pearly Necklace & Porcelain Rose pin/borrowed   Peacock Feather/Pangaea :::Spectator Pumps/Kimchee Blue

Did I mention that J. Peterman played Billy Flynn? He may have the greatest voice known to man. Chicago is one of my favorite musicals and I absolutely adore the movie. Being the movie nerd that I am, I geek out over costumes, the sets, all that stuff. The play did not disappoint as far as choreography and musical talent goes. I had to restrain myself from singing along with "Mr. Cellophane." The set & props were almost non-existant but I was definitely impressed with what they did with the lighting. Yowza!

The only disappointment for me were the costumes. It looked as if the dancers were costumed by International Male or wore leftovers from 80s Madonna videos. Okay. I was hoping for some of that 1920's razzle dazzle.

Makeup by SaraJean. Wearing Sephora, Too Faced, Urban Decay

Sorry for the crummy phone photo -this is the only one with my shoes in it!
I've been humming those songs all week-long. Are you a "musical" person? Do you dress up for events? (I'm wondering what SJ has planned for Harry Potter)

Hope you've had a lovely week, dears!

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